Little Red Riding Hole

Hugo Boss, BMW, RE-HO and AUDI are all corporations which are known throughout New Eden, but only one was born and forged in the flames of war. RE-HO had steadily grown under a succession of CEOs since its inception, but only under Phtal’s leadership has RE-HO become synonymous with total domination in j-space. With some of the best FC’s residing in Little Red Riding Hole and with the leadership of Co-CEO ReadYY they are a corp that few can match.

Almost Dangerous

Almost Dangerous is not just a corporation, it’s a way of thinking, a leaf on the wind, a lifestyle that few pilots attempt to follow. The corp has been led by some of the most prestigious pilots in Eve: Romeo Blacks, Ruleson, Rivyn Fire, Jace Tavine and its current incumbent ooooiiiii, HillofMoney, these steadfast leaders dragged the corporation through its hard times and into the present where we partner Little Red Riding Hole in the Wolves Amongst Strangers alliance. With a strong EU / US time zone and a growing number of AU pilots, Almost Dangerous is ready to fight whatever the hour.